How to Use This Website

Johnson County Community College Continuing Education is your local resource for workforce training, professional development and personal enrichment. Learn new skills, earn certificates gain valuable certifications and enjoy new hobbies. All at JCCC.


Find your Courses

It’s easy to find courses that interest you. There are three ways to find your courses.

  1. Browse by category.
    Our courses are organized into categories to make it easy to find the topics you’re interested in. Just click on the category name to see a list of current courses.

    Screenshot of JCCC Webpage with Browse Categories List Open
  2. Filter the course list.
    Click on Browse Courses to see all current courses, then select course format, semester and category to drill down into our offerings to find what you want.

    Screenshot of All Courses List on JCCC Webpage
  3. Search our course list by keyword.
    If you know the name of a course, or just a keyword, type it into course search to see a list of all courses with that word in its title or description.

    Screenshot of JCCC Webpage featuring Course Details and Information

Register to Secure Your Spot

To register for a course, choose the course that interests you, click the course title, then click the Register/Login button on the course details page to go to our registration website. The registration website will open in a new browser window.

Review the course details one more time and add the course to your shopping cart. You’ll be asked to login to your account or create one if you don’t already have one set up.

If you want to register for multiple classes you can continue to explore courses by returning to the previous browser window and selecting Register/Login when you make your selection or if you know the specific course you can locate within the registration website and add to cart. Once you’ve made all your selections, check out!

If you want to take advantage of the Take 3 discount, you’ll want to add all the courses to your cart before you check out to earn the discount.

If you need help registering, contact us at or call 913-469-2323.