Our Programs

Continuing Education (CE) online and live courses enhance career development and deepen personal enrichment. Increase your skills and knowledge to boost job productivity and career potential. Courses are not for college credit, but you may earn CEUs (continuing education units), certificates and licensures.

Computer Technology

Get cutting-edge training from instructors who have real world experience. Courses are consistently updated to include the latest in software configuration, troubleshooting, network administration and system operations — ranging from Cybersecurity to Web Development and Graphic Design to Excel. Our state-of-the-art computer labs give you room to learn and practice during class, boost your skill set and ask questions. We know the value of hands-on learning and realize the ever-changing shifts in technology. You’ll stay on the fast track with JCCC.

Business Skills Development

Boost your business savvy. In today’s competitive market, it’s important to develop and refine your professional skills. Learn tactics to motivate teams, communicate more effectively and advance conflict resolution skills. Earn your certificate in Lean Six Sigma or Project Management. Our subject-matter experts deliver real-world scenarios so you can become a more effective leader, manager and teammate.

Careers & Trades

Build a specific skill set and hit the ground running. Find your niche or increase your job prospects in plumbing, electrical, welding and HVAC. Earnyour Commercial Driver’s License (CDL-A) and get on the road to a high-demand truck driving career. Get the training you need to earn professionalcertifications, keep up licenses in early childhood education and mediation or qualify for a promotion. Our industry experts will help pave the way. Increase your qualifications today — what are you waiting for?


Your medical career can be challenging, rewarding and make a difference in people's lives. Our seminars and certificate programs keep you and your staff up to date with relevant skills and regulations that elevate patient care and ensure safety. We make it is easy to pick up continuing education units. A variety of online and live courses give you opportunities to learn new skills and be on your way to expert status in specialties you enjoy.

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

We care about your bottom line! Protect the interests of your small business or gather relevant information to start one. Keep a pulse on tax issues, business planning, marketing strategies and financial management. Our SBDC workshops and courses give you confidence in business and financial planning, record keeping, accounting software and other important topics to keep your business competitive and profitable.


Relax a little and enjoy life! Take time to experience artistic creativity, bone up on cooking techniques, get a new angle on photography or find pleasure in dance and exercise. There are so many opportunities to experience renewal, creative expression, discovery and stimulation in our leisure courses.

Life Skills

Turn your challenges into opportunities and get the most out of life. Strengthen your math, writing and financial skills. Complete Driver’s Education and earn your license. Our courses give you tools to deal effectively with personal and professional demands and challenges. From money management to motorcycle maintenance — navigate everyday challenges like a pro! You got this!

Johnson County Adult Education (JCAE)

Stay encouraged to continue your education with basic reading, writing, math and everyday survival skills. JCAE can help if you are no longer in a formal school setting. Dedicated staff and volunteers will put you on the path to success and help you prep for the GED® test and beyond. Class sizes are small, so one-on-one attention is yours. JCAE also offers English as a Second Language classes at your level, whether you speak little English or you want to improve your existing English skills. Come in and visit about your next steps.


Check this out! We’ve got courses that elevate teens and tweens talent in STEAM. Our online and on-campus options are chock-full of fun challenges and some even encourage development of original projects and ideas. Topics vary and are taught be field-specific professionals, so you’re sure to find an interesting subject. Our programs are designed to encourage learning — some take school subjects to another level and others are just plain fun!

Customized Training

Our Continuing Education team can deliver customized training courses to meet your organization's - on your site, online or on our campus - on almost any subject or category.